Why Renting Makes Sense

You may decide to rent a trade show display for a number of reasons. Which reason fits your needs?

  • Your company prefers to retain its cash and has chosen not to make a capital investment for a new trade show display or exhibit property at this time.
  • You can rent a custom designed trade show display and save approximately 70% of the cost of purchasing a new one.
  • You want the flexibility of changing your exhibit structure and graphics to target your message for different shows with different markets.
  • You have multiple, over-lapping shows.
  • You don’t have the space or you don’t want the expense to store your trade show display when not being used.
  • You would like to test the design and functionally of the trade show display, to be sure that it meets your needs prior to purchasing the exhibit.
  • You want to eliminate repair and refurbishment costs after each trade show and ultimately the disposal fees.
  • Your company views renting as an environmental issue since rental is the epitome of reuse.
  • You only exhibit at trade shows a couple times per year, but you want to enjoy the benefits of custom design impact, effective brand communication and functionality.
  • Government funding or grants may not allow for the purchase of capital assets.
  • You can save substantial shipping costs. We offer a network of rental warehouses strategically located at show sites throughout the United States. Click on the button to the right to learn where our warehouses are located.
  • In Las Vegas, you save money with free delivery and labor supervision with the rental of a custom designed or pre-designed trade show display, created from the extensive Nomadic Display inventory.
  • Your company doesn’t want to be concerned with the installation and dismantle of your trade show properties. You want to focus your energies on selling your products and services at the trade show, not on the labor for setting up and tearing down your exhibit. We offer I&D supervision and logistics worldwide.
  • Your company has either purchased another company, or your company has been purchased, and many marketing and branding decisions have not yet been finalized.

What size is right for your needs?

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