The beMatrix System

beMatrix: A Great Trade Show Rental System

Renting a custom-designed exhibit for a trade show is an affordable option for

exhibitors, and the beMatrix system is the ideal system to rent for 10 x 20 in-lines, 20 x 20 islands, and larger islands. 

Rental Benefits

· Flexibility - Renting allows you to change your exhibit's size, design, and marketing message with each show. And, you can easily exhibit at simultaneous shows.

· Cost - Without the major investment of a booth structure, you can also eliminate storage and maintenance fees. Plus, the average savings of renting over buying can save you 50-70%. 

· Modern - The latest exhibiting products will always be at your disposal, so your booth will never look outdated.

beMatrix Benefits - Flexibility

· Sturdy, lightweight aluminum extrusion enables load-bearing walls, roofs, counters, kiosks, workstations, monitor mounts, and shelving.

· Create lockable storage closets and meeting room spaces.

· Easily customize your booth's design for each show so that you can truly attract your target audience.

· No long-term commitment.

beMatrix Benefits - Cost

· Tool-Free Connectors save you time and labor fees during I&D.

· Lightweight construction and ecological packaging system also help reduce shipping and drayage costs.

beMatrix Benefits - Modern

· Use dye sublimated fabric graphics and/or textured panels in single or double-sided designs. The resulting effects can make your booth stand out in a sea of marketing and branding messages.

· Frames with LED lighting are available. This hot trend is another way to make your messages pop.

Take advantage of all of the benefits that renting has to offer with the flexible, cost-effective, and modern beMatrix System.